Long Island Holistic Health Associates has been developed to fill the need for quality complimentary healthcare offered in a professional setting. The goal; to serve patients with all ailments, specializing in women's health, fertility and gynecological disorders; to deliver high quality healthcare through gentle, holistic methods. Our facilities offer complimentary forms of healthcare including acupuncture, herbal medicine, chiropractic, massage, nutritional and healthy lifestyle counseling. Our practitioners strive for professional excellence. Each visit to a LIHHA location offers a relaxed and educational experience in consulting and treating. Each patient is diagnosed and treated according to their needs making each visit a personal encounter. Acupuncture practitioners employ both Japanese theory and gentle needling techniques with traditional Chinese medicine for a painless and very effective result. Patients also receive supportive nutritional and healthy lifestyle counseling. Our attitude is warm, caring and patient coupled with a thorough approach. Each session is intended to promote self healing, to improve one's own physical, emotional and spiritual well being. We invite and welcome you to begin your journey to a healthy and positive life.